Clap Back at Too Many Apps

As the interactions between clients and enterprise have shifted to hand held devices, there has been an increase in the need for mobile apps to capture and keep customers engaged.  For example,  If you are new to online shopping and need to buy contacts lenses, you’ll begin by typing in contact lens providers, then narrow down the search to the parameters you desire.  But your customer might not find you that way, and choose someone else.  With an app, your repeat customer will only have to tap on their phone to bring up your company’s app and get their order in.

A good example of this is 1800Contacts.  They offer customers 10% off their first app order, and in this way, increase the possibility they won’t lose that customer to another provider.  Segmenting the field even further,  Groupon offers contact lens wearers  savings when they use their coupon codes to make purchases from such companies they have partnered with like  1800Contacts.  They have codes that save as much as $40 off + free shipping with a $200 order.  This is a deal a customer who is a heavy and frequent user would jump at.  They also offer codes for using their app that save consumers  $50 off a 24-pack of Acuvue Hydraclear lenses.    But you can have too much of a good thing, and this goes for apps.

As many phone users will tell you, loading your phone with a lot of apps is a lot like trying to fill up your Facebook page with friends.  You’ll have them, but hardly remember them.  Plus, when you load too many app on your phone, you fill up the hard drive which will make downloads harder to do when you need them.   Another reason experts warn against overloading your phone with apps is the security breach it creates.  The more apps you have, the more vulnerable your phone is.  Don’t gum up the works with apps that aren’t running proper code in the background.


Rather than giving in to the temptation to load apps from here and there, use an app like Groupon which will allow you to connect to thousands of retailers and save you money as you use it. You can shop for millions of items from thousands of retailers who can be accessed through their site alone.   Do you really want to hear that annoying alert every time some celebrity has a cat fight?   Are you sure you can’t live without the freebies every Pancake Tuesday?  You can.  And you’ll enjoy better performance that’s more secure when you streamline the apps on your phone.