A Few Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring an App Developer

In the rapidly growing IT world today, almost all programmers or coders claim to be an app developer. However, when a company or a person needs to hire one, the goal must be to hire reliable and experienced mobile app developers who can give quality work quickly. The reason why people search for an app developer is that the app development method involves a complex coding framework that can’t be executed by someone who does not have any programming knowledge.

Nowadays, every company outsources their app development projects. It is a cost-effective process of obtaining a quality and completely functional mobile app. Outsourcing these app design projects has its advantages, but in this publication, you will read about some steps and questions that you should ask the mobile app developer to hire.

Which Framework Is Used by Them for App Development?

If the app developer says they rely heavily on an open source, then they should think double before hiring that company. It is not that the use of open source causes any problem, but it should just be used for particular purposes and, if used, should be removed from the coding framework later on.

How Long Have They Been Developing Apps?

Ask for References

To determine if the app developer is honest about your previous projects, it would be good to request references from your previous clients. To get an idea about the sort of work they do, you can contact their previous clients and ask about the developer’s performance.

What Do They Know about the Design Guide Presented by Android and Apple?

Apple is well-known for its strict design guidelines, and reject all applications that do not pass their design tests. The cause why iOS apps are known for their sleek design and simple functions are due to the strict design guidelines set by Apple. However, in the case of Android, they are a bit forgiving in their design tests and accept all types of apps.

How Will They Be Testing the App?

Normally, independent developers opt for software such as Test Flight to locate errors and bugs in the app. While development companies have software like GitHub, which is a very professional software used for app testing. In addition, it will be worth opting for QA services before launching the app in the app stores, so find out if your development team also has the necessary experience.

How to Deal with the Property or the Contract?

If you hire someone for an app development, this means that you will be the legitimate owner of the final product, the design of the app, the source code and all the content mentioned in the app. Make sure of the property. It will be great to have an on-paper agreement on property details, deadline parameters and cost penalties when deadlines are not met. You can seek the services of a lawyer while drafting the agreement as well.


There are so many variables involved in hiring an app developer. When you plan to outsource the app development project, you can make this project simply done at reasonable prices. And if you hire someone from your country of origin, then this project can cost you a little more than budgeted. You can get help from the Internet to find the reasonable app developer for your project.

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